As solar solutions get more advanced, technical understanding is becoming a barrier … As emergin marketins begin to open and companies enter thee spaces, we understand that there is need for technical support for your projects.  We offer a range of services and advice to support you in addition to supplying the best products.  Below are just some of the support services we offer, please feel free to contact the team at Supply Partners on 07 3122 7584.  

Hybrid and Offgrid Energy Storage design

We are creating the dawning of the Solar Storage era, with new technology, new products and increased demand for Solar Storage solutions. Talk with Supply Partners about your storage projects, your client’s requirements and we will work with you to design the best solution for your client. We proudly represent some of the world’s leading battery solutions manufacturers LG Chem; GnB Exide; Sonnenschein and SMA just to name a few. Coupled with our technical support we want to ensure that the solution for your client surpasses their expectation.

Commercial Design Support

Supply Partners has extensive experience in the design, sale, installation and supply of specialised product for commercial solar PV installations. The commercial sector is really taking off and is substantially more complicated with more red tape than your standard residential install. But like the solar storage market, the consumer is demanding it, so many companies have commercial prospects but don’t know where to start. Supply Partners are proud of our high level of technical understanding and the specialised commercial solutions that we can provide. From design support, SLD service, specialised product advice, we will help you design the best solution at the most valuable price for your customer in a timely manner.

Zero Export and Network Protection

As more solar is connected to the grid, the networks are increasing their requirements for zero export and network protection. Supply Partners have developed numerous solutions for these requirements and have an advanced understanding and skill set in developing solutions for zero export solutions and network protection. We will work with you to design the required solution to meet the networks requirements for your project.

Solar Pumping

Another emerging market Supply Partners is supporting is Solar Powered Pump Drives.  There is a huge value for properties with distant pump drives to power their drives by solar.  Reduce the cost in generators and diesel or hugely expensive swer lines to the pump drive site.  Working with leading manufacturers Grundfos and ABB,  Supply Partners have the solutions for your requirements.

Single Line Diagrams

We can draw up Single Line Diagrams for your projects, it also allows us to understand your project and provide you with any advice which might be of value to you.