LG Electronics

Fortune Global 500 Company LG Electronics have eloquently developed into a global leader in solar development and manufacturing. LG Electronics lead the market in yield with their 315w NeON2.

LG Electronics has a long standing respectful and positive relationship with Australian consumers, through the design and manufacturing of some of the world’s leading electronics products. Their solar modules have been developed for longevity and very high energy yields.

LG Electronics intimately understand that solar storage, electric vehicle charging and smart homes are just around the corner, and highly efficient solar modules will benefit these early adaptors best. It is a key reason why LGE have focused on developing the highest yielding panels per square meter.

With LG Electronics, your customer’s solar modules will continue to perform for decades and all after sales service and support is confidently provided by LG Electronics Australia.

1985 | Conduct 1st solar cell Multi-Crystalline R&D
1998 | LG Industrial Systems sets up PV traffic signals
2004 | Launched crystalline solar R&D
2005 | Launched silicon thin film R&D
2009 | Solar Test Lab certified by TÜV and UL
2010 | Solar panel mass production begins
2013 | NeON 300Wpanel wins Intersolar Award, Best Solar Panel 2013
2015 | NeON2 315w solar module manufactured and supplied into Australia


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