Enphase Micro Solar Inverters

Enphase are one of the global leaders in micro inverter technology.

Emerging out of the American solar industry back in 2006, Enphase continues to impress with its innovation in micro inverters and solar storage.

Micro inverters are extremely helpful in maximising the return on a solar system as a micro inverter is placed on each panel, each panel works independently of the rest of the system, ensuring maximum production regardless of partial shading, direction etc.

2006 | Enphase was founded in California USA
2008 | Introduced the world’s first micro inverter solar system
2011 | Over 1 million micro inverters shipped
2012 | Listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York USA
2013 | Introduced 4th generation technology, M250 micro inverter
2014 | Over 7.2 million or 1 GW of micro inverters shipped
2014 | Enphase announces the AC Battery, the Enphase Energy Management System.
2016 | Over 10 million micro inverters shipped

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