LG Chem

Founded in 1947 and renamed as LG Chem in 1995, with over 25,000 employees and continued growth, LG Chem continues to push the boundaries in product development, and market leadership.

LG Chem completed initial development and began mass production of Korea’s first lithium-ion batteries back in 1999 where sales in average have increased over 30% each year, LG Chem is leading the world lithium-ion battery market, it is ranked as global No.1 in the automotive and ESS battery markets, supplying to companies such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi and ABB just to name a few.

Today, LG Chem’s flagship product for the global solar market is the LG Chem RESU 6.4EX lithium battery. Storing 6.4kWh of energy, the product has a 10 year warranty, is just 65kg and has been installed in the Australian market since August 2015.

Working with Hybrid inverters Sungrow SH5K, SolaX SK5000UE and the SMA range of inverters, there are many options to pair with this battery for whatever your requirement.

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